You Bring The Power

Infosys is one of the worlds' most famous IT employers – but the candidate market is less aware of its technological prowess. We built an end-to-end marketing and hiring campaign for Infosys, who is a global leader in tech & consulting, with the aim of hiring the USA’s most powerful full-stack developers.

After extensive research on the full-stack developer demographic, design trends the use of social media as a primary platform, we decided to develop a motion graphic isometric campaign.

We started by designing a series of vector-based isometrics which incorporated the logos of the most used technologies by full-stack developers. This then led to creating all of the different aspects of the campaign, from social media posts to the visuals for the campaign website.

During this project, I directed all of the motion graphics, the direction of the isometric illustrations and also designed many of the assets of the campaign whilst working closely with the creative team.

My Role



Creative Director, Creative Strategy Web Design, Visual Design


Hiring Event

From a full stack programmer networking event to a ‘fix our social media feeds’ hackathon, we helped Infosys engage developers with topics that both Infosys and its dream candidates cared about.

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