Sales Careers at Infosys

United States of America

Infosys is famous for being one of the top IT employers in the world – Due to new politics in the United States of America, Infosys faced the challenge of hiring domestic talent for their sales teams across the States.  We delivered a multi-channel employer branding campaign that spread awareness and scaled applications at the organisation’s hiring hubs across the States. 

The idea for the campaign was to have a Buzzfeed style social media videos where we asked multiple questions to the participants without any preparation to try to get the most honest and creative answers. 

On this project, my duties were to manage the pre-production and video direction. Once the team had returned to the UK, I was involved in the post-production of the campaign which included video editing, directing the creation of motion graphics along with developing and designing everything needed for the campaign website.

My Role


Creative Director, Creative Strategy Web Design, Visual Design