Don't Consul Lead.


Infosys is one of India’s most famous IT employers – but the candidate market is less aware of its consulting prowess. Spanning multiple industry verticals and seniority levels, we delivered a multi-channel employer branding campaign that spread awareness and scaled applications at the organisation’s global HQ in Bangalore. 

To add to the complexity of the challenge, the campaign had to portray a key message and employer value proposition across five industry verticals (Manufacturing, Retail, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Emerging Markets) and three seniority levels. 

Together with the team, we travelled to India where we filmed all of the participants on the campaign. On this project, my duties were to manage the pre-production and video direction along with providing filming support. Once we had returned to the UK, I was involved in the post-production of the campaign which included developing and designing everything needed for the campaign website.

My Role


Creative Director, Creative Strategy Web Design, Visual Design



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